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A Fresh
new view for
Redwood City

64 Units of
Affordable Housing

$13 MILLION for
park improvements

$5.8 Million

Harbor View is a next generation campus suitable for both life science and tech, located east of Highway 101 in Redwood City. Our proposed project is smaller in size than what is permitted by the General Plan and current zoning. We seek only to add an additional use, office, to provide the flexibility we need to ensure Harbor View is commercially viable in the long run and to make our zoning similar to other projects in the area. For this ask, we are offering the City the largest Community Benefits package in Redwood City history.

Community Benefits

Harbor View’s proposed Community Benefits package, valued at
is focused on advancing the City’s three strategic priorities:
Housing & Homelessness Initiatives, Children & Youth and Transportation

Housing & Homelessness Initiatives


Harbor View will provide expanded housing access to the most vulnerable community members

Children & Youth


Harbor View will increase access to fields and parks and educational opportunities for Redwood City children and youth



Harbor View will invest in critical transportation infrastructure to reduce local traffic


64 Units of Extremely Low-Income Affordable Housing:

In addition to the required $11,400,000 required Affordable Impact Fee, Harbor View has partnered with St. Francis Center to donate 64units valued at $36,100,000, of extremely low income, affordable housing complete with critical wraparound services for Redwood City's most vulnerable community members, which include unhoused individuals, low income seniors, and individuals struggling with mental health and addiction. This means the Harbor View project will generate in excess of $47,500,000 in affordable housing for the Community.

First-Time Homebuyer Assistance:

Harbor View will donate funding to the Housing Trust of San Mateo County (HEART) for a first-time home buyer assistance program, specific to Redwood City residents, to help teachers and front-line workers afford a home in the community they love and serve.

low income apartments


Fields, Parks and Open Space:

Harbor View will donate $13M to the City of Redwood City to fund the construction and rehabilitation of fields, parks and open space in Redwood City in order to meet critical unfunded capital needs.

Parks and Recreation DEI Program:

Harbor View will invest $150,000 in an endowment managed by the Redwood City Parks and Arts Foundation to fund diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs to expand access and affordability of City programming through the Parks, Recreation, and Community Services department. Funds will be directed by a committee made up of community members.

Redwood City Education Foundation:

Harbor View will make a $200,000 contribution to the Redwood City Education Foundation to advance its mission of improving academic performance of underserved students in Redwood City. Funds are directed to Hoover, Garfield, and Taft schools, which have a combined population that is 93% low-income. The Redwood City Education Foundation is a nonprofit that increases underserved students' early academic performance to improve their ability to meet math and literacy proficiency standards, thereby reducing enrollment in remedial courses and increasing their likelihood of meaningful success in high school and beyond.

YMCA Child Care and Family Services:

Harbor View will donate $750,000 to the YMCA for its use in providing childcare and family services to the Redwood City community including early childhood education programs and financial assistance for afterschool and day camp programs.

Reading Partners:

Harbor View will donate $100,000 to Reading Partners to support reading education in schools providing all children the opportunity. Reading Partners believes in a more equitable future where all students have access to quality literacy education. When children have the opportunity to become strong readers, they build confidence across other subjects like math, science, and critical thinking—putting them on a path to achieving their future goals.www.readingpartners.org


Inner Harbor Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvements including SF Bay Trail:

Harbor View will construct enhanced pedestrian and bicycle improvements in the Inner Harbor to complete a safe, planned segment of the SF Bay Trail and provide a bike connection to the Chestnut Street undercrossing connecting downtown Redwood City to the Inner Harbor and Port of Redwood City.

Woodside / 101 Road Interchange Project:

Harbor View will contribute $1,000,000 to the City’s planned Woodside / 101 interchange project to help reduce traffic in the community.

Funding to Support Ferry Terminal Development:

Harbor View will contribute $100,000 to help kick-start the process of bringing ferry service to Redwood City. This badly needed mode of transportation will expand options for commuters and reduce local traffic demand.

bike pathsan francisco bay ferry


Harbor View property taxes will generate significant tax revenue for the City and Redwood City schools:
Over $1 million in property tax revenue annually for the City of Redwood City over and above the estimated cost of City services necessary to support the project.
Over $500,000 annually in City Sales and Business Taxes from employee and project spending in Redwood City.  
Approximately $4.5 million annually for Redwood City Schools without adding any additional students to the system.
Harbor View is smaller than what is current permitted by the General Plan, existing zoning and our proposed rezone to Commercial Park.
The purpose of our rezone request is to simply add "office use" to the other uses already permitted at the site, including life science. 
Having both office use and life science use will provide the flexibility we need to adapt to changing market conditions, assuring Harbor View will consistently generate property tax revenue for the City.
The Commercial Park zone is similar to the zoning of other sites in the area, including Pacific Shores and Seaport Center. The additional use would allow us to be competitive with other projects in the area.
Harbor View includes 765,150 sf of life science/office use and a 35,000 sf employee amenities building which is non-traffic generating, further reducing the project’s impacts.
Harbor View has been reduced in size by 380,000 sf from our previous application but we have increased the amount of Community Benefits offered by over $11,000,000.


Life Science / Office SF

Total SF

General Plan




Existing Zoning




Proposed Zoning (Commercial Park)




Harbor View




site plan of harbor view









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